Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 1

Hi, I'm One Hit Wonder. My name started as a joke - I heard on the radio the comment that being a one hit wonder would be a great job: write one terrific song, make a ton of money, then fade into obscurity while sitting in a pile of $$. Sounds good to me! Now my name really means something: after years of infertility, I have a gorgeous daughter. I'm truly a one hit wonder.

No recent pic, sorry. I must maintain my anonymous superhero status! However, some of you are on my Facebook and you folks know what I look like.

15 interesting facts:

1) I like bungee jumping
2) I used to have straight hair and then it turned curly
3) I'm a hippie at heart although you probably wouldn't guess so from my appearance
4) I can come off as an airhead/flake but ...
5) ... I have 3 degrees, I am well-read, and I'm politically aware
6) I've never really danced before
7) I am a proponent of gardening but, after the seedlings are in and the ground has been watered, I gradually forget about it all ... and then the weeds set in ...
8) I don't have many girlfriends in real life (and the ones I do have live far away)
9) I live in the buttcrack of Canada where it's cold and snowy 75% of the time
10) I love beautiful clothing and jewelry - especially thrifted!
11) I could live without eating meat
12) Until DH and I decided to start 'trying,' I never really wanted kids and I'm still not a huge fan of babies (although the cliche is true: I adore my own child and obviously I fought hard - and had luck help me out for once - to get her)
13)I am a coffee aficionado
14) I'm so absent-minded that ...
15) ... I nearly forgot to include #15! :)


St Elsewhere said...

You ate through #14 & 15!!!

People who are not with OHW on FB, she looks like Princess Fiona from Shrek minus a green gown (replace that with any other dress).

Okay, seriously, it ia amazing to know you...