Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 9: A pic of my friends.

Not to write a boo-hoo post but I don't have many friends and that's been pretty standard in my life. When I was a kid/teen I was too nerdy. Big glasses, dorky clothes, nose in a book ... no one was exactly beating down the door for friendship! I'm still a geek although my style has improved considerably.

The friends I do have are fantastic and I wouldn't trade them for anything. One of my best friends is a guy who is considerably older than I am but we link up on a deep level. Another dear friend is a woman my age - we met while travelling and we've always had a deep connection. I have a few 'mommy' friends - great people and my daughter loves hanging out with their kids. Another good friend is a woman my husband has been friends with for most of his life.

Problem is, no one lives in my area (and I'm not a phone person). :( I spend most of my time with my DH and my daughter which is great and wonderful but I'd love to have some close girlfriends who live in this town. I need some more estrogen in the people around me!

Sometimes I watch reruns of Sex and the City and wonder what it would be like to be so tightly woven into a group of women friends.

Btw: I'm a cross between Charlotte (although I've become less prude-ish, if that's a word) and Carrie (although I'm less clingy than Carrie, I think). Which SATC character are you?

Anyway, thanks for reading, my bloggy friends! :)


Jackie said...

I hear ya. I've had occasional short-lived groups of acquaintances (never friends - my actual friends tend to dislike each other), but for the most part my best friends have lived too far away for me to spend any amount of time with them. Luckily I'm quite the phone person. :P
As for my SATC character, I think I'm more Carrie (minus the ridiculous clothes and writing skills), but I have been known to show a cynical Miranda side now and then...

Kate said...

I could have written this "I don't have many friends" post. Wish you were still living near me!
I was far too much of a geek in high school, though I had my two super close girlfriends. At university, I had a close friend in 1st year residence who I grew a bit apart from over time. Then my best friend for the next couple years decided she didn't want to be friends any more at the end of university, without ever telling me why. I ended up with some good friends in Germany when I lived there for 5 years, but since I moved back to Canada almost 10 years ago, I've grown apart from them too. My best friends have been my ex-boyfriend and husband. I've got another friend from med school, then another couple (1 girl, 1 guy) from residency. But I'm not so good about keeping in touch. And I haven't really manged to meet other Mums and kids because I went back to work so soon. I feel like such a loser!
FWIW, I thought you were great when we met up...

Victoria said...

Since I've relocated, I talk to my childhood friend almost every day, even if I only have time to just to say hello or how are doing.

St Elsewhere said...

It is good to have friends too.

The friends that are closest to me at heart and geographically distant to me too, and well, there are quite a few places I enjoy going alone (such as shopping tsk...tsk...) and I can watch a movie alone too.

I have never paid much attention to SATC, and honestly cannot comment on which character I am.